WTF!People Robbing Foreign Tourists In Rio Outside Olympic Stadium

Tourism plays an important factor and is also considered as one of the most important aspect for shaping a country’s economic policies. Tourism helps in increasing foreign revenue. This sector is very peaceful and casts the shadows of the nature and the beauty of a country on a global platform. And this indeed helps people from far flung areas to promote their culture and tradition. It also provides opportunities for countries to make a better image around the world.

However this sector has a downfall too. The development of this sector entirely depends upon the kind of people living in that country and how good their hospitality is for the tourist coming from different countries. In India, ‘Satyamev Devo Bhava’ is one of the key notions that helps tourists to trust us and visit our countries without any worries.

Rio is currently hosting the world’s biggest sporting event i:e Olympics 2016. And such world events are always a big boost for Tourism sector which is indeed beneficial for a country’s economic policies and foreign revenue generations. But since its development entirely depends upon the local people of that country, it is highly vulnerable and unfortunate for a country where the homicide rate is 30-35 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. World’s average Homicide Rate is 6.9.

And this is hampering the country’s image in a very bad way. Crime rates and FIRs in the last 4 days have shooted up like rockets and it is still on rise. Here is a video to give you a more clear idea.

brazil crime rate

It seems like losing money is the only option for these athletes to avoid themselves from bigger problems in nearby future.

Now the following table will help you to understand a bit more about the situation in Rio.

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