This TV Actress Attempted SUICIDE

Shama Sikander was truant from the little screen for quite a while, before making a rebound with her short film, S*xoholic. In a meeting to a main day by day, Shama Sikander opened up about her battle with melancholy with most extreme realism. Yes! The on-screen character was as of late in news for her real to life admissions.

She initially understood her bipolar issue when her ex Alexx O’Neil attracted her consideration regarding it. She described, “Alexx, who has a degree in Psychology, suspected that I had bipolar turmoil and prompted me to counsel a specialist. However, around then, I would not like to get cured; I simply needed to surrender. In spite of the fact that my life was going incredible, I was exhausted of it; nothing would awe or energize me. I even attempted to submit suicide one night. I kissed my mom great night and advised her not to wake me up. After that, I gulped a few resting pills at one go. Just before disappearing, I messaged my sibling my financial balance points of interest, which made him freeze. He quickly called my mom to keep an eye on me and I was hurried to the healing center three hours after the fact.”

Shama additionally said, “I was irate with my family to save me. I needed to go and return as another individual. I didn’t consider passing to be the end; rather, it was the start of another life. I didn’t realize that a resurrection was conceivable in a similar life. Be that as it may, gradually, my spirit stirred and I understood that it was a profound calling.”


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