Sanjay Dutt Opens Up About The Biggest Patch Up With Salman Khan

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan‘s hug at the Ambanis’ Ganpati bash made headlines a few days ago. And now Sanjay reveals the true story behind it in an exclusive interview

They were the best of friends and when their friendship soured it grabbed headlines. So, it was not surprising that when Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan decided to bury the hatchet, it again became news.

It happened at Mukesh Ambani’s house, Antilla, where the two superstars hugged and greeted each other warmly.

When we got in touch this afternoon with Sanjay Dutt and asked the real story behind the much talked about patch up, he claimed: “Nothing ever went wrong. It’s what the media had perceived. Salman is and always will be my brother. I love him. We both are actors and we both are busy. I don’t know why people just thought that there was something wrong between us. I can’t meet him and he can’t meet me every day. But our love and respect for each other is always there and it has been there. There was no such big patch up. He was there and I was leaving, it was in the middle of the road. We met, we hugged because we hadn’t seen each other. There was never a break-up, so what patch up (laughs)!”

We are glad to know that there are some true friendships in Bollywood.

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were close friends for a long time. They starred in numerous films together and also hosted Bigg Boss with each other. But ever since Dutt was released from prison in 2016, the two have been avoiding each other. Reason? Salman Khan’s ex-manager Reshma Shetty.

For those who’ come in late, Salman had advised Sanjay to hire Reshma. Salman’s reason was simple – you’ll soon be released from jail and you will need a manager to handle your work, be it getting you movies or building your image.

Accordingly, Sanjay took her on board. However, even after many months of waiting, he did not land a single project. When he made inquiries, Sanjay found that Reshma and her team had hiked his price to such an extent that producers, who were keen on casting him, were considering other options. Sanjay reportedly got miffed and confronted Reshma, after which the two parted ways professionally. This apparently didn’t go down too well with Salman and caused a rift between the two friends.