Priyanka Jagga Exposes As Bigg Boss Reveals The Elimination Secret

Priyanka Jagga is without a doubt a standout amongst the most dubious candidate of Big Boss 10. Also, Big Boss 10, as well as of the considerable number of periods of Big Boss. She was such a competitor, to the point that even Salman Khan got bothered and request that her go out. She had been yelling names and misuse everywhere throughout the week and amid her whole remain in the Big Boss house. Last whole week we saw Priyanka yelling and contending with Lopamudra on God Knows what.

She was lying in the bed the entire week and when Lopa who was the commander of the house requesting that her do anything then she yelled like anything. She said that she was having a few ladies issues and due to which she was not ready to play out the undertaking. She was out of commission and even gone to by four gycanologists in the house.

Be that as it may, salman and the creators of Big Boss 10 couldn’t endure this. At the point when at end of the week ka Vaar Salman Khan asked Priyanka then she responded in an extremely discourteous and made trouble way and this enraged salman khan like anything. Priyanka said that she is much greater than the show and that is when Salman requesting that her go out to which she ran with her assets from the house.

Presently, the bend in the story comes when her sibling reports on facebook that she endured an unnatural birth cycle and was draining and in this manner she exited the show in light of her genuine wellbeing conditions.

In any case, Priyanka went live on Facebook today and after that she announced that she faked the discourteous conduct so that the producers of huge manager will toss her out of the show. She was unwell and the creators didn’t need her to leave the show.


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