Did You Know Having These Two Holes On Your Lower Back Makes You?

Dimples of Venus are small indentations in the lower part of the back in both women and men. When men have them, they are called Dimples of Apollo. They are located in the area where the two bones of the pelvis connect and are visible only in people who have the genetic predisposition or the appropriate size of ligaments.

People with dimples of Venus (more commonly known as back dimples) are considered extremely lucky. Normally found just above a person’s bottom, these symmetrical indentations offer great significance to those who are naturally blessed.

They are named so as a sign of beauty, referring to the goddess of attraction, Venus.

Apparently, these anatomical wonders can help one have a great time in bed and achieve great levels of orgasm! The dimples assist in blood circulation and because of their very ‘strategic’ placement near the pelvic area, climaxing in bed becomes easier.

For those who’ve got them – we know you’re rushing to check them.
For those who haven’t, there’s bad news. You cannot get them with exercise. Because these indentations are located where the two pelvic bones connect. Also because the area comes without any muscle to work with, working out can’t help you get these wonders. Bummer.


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