Here are 7 Different Types of Hugs That You Should Try

Feeling hugged makes one feel good, safe and on top of that makes one feel affectionate. Some hugs are quite normal but some hugs leads to the next level of physical intimacy and beautifies the relationship by taking it to the next level.

we have shortlisted 7 different types of hugs which you must try and one should also know what this hugs mean? Know intentions of your guy while he is hugging you as it defines your relationship. Have a look:

1. Embracing Hug – Deep Feelings, Close, Cozy and Comfortable

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Laying heads on each other is one of the best feeling a couple could ever get. If your guy is tall and he lays head on your shoulder, then he is deeply madly in love with you. This hug symbolizes strong affection, closeness and showcases comfortable and cozy feelings between the two.


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