30 Sweetest Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

When two people are in love, they keep looking out for ways to show their love for each other. Both of them are eager to please each other just to see a smile on their face. Follow us on   No matter if you are still at the early stage of infatuation towards your girl or in deep love with her, the best way to tell her how much you care for her is by showing her your affection. And if you have been in a relation for a while now, the show off and the cheesy things to do in love and public display would probably have become less. Over a period of time, the guy usually stops trying to please his girl, which starts leading to confusions and insecurity. But if you really love your girl and want to see her happy, you should not stop passing romantic gestures to her. It will keep your relationship alive and the spark will never end between you two.

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1.OFFER HER HELP Do not just watch her winding up the house, get up and help her out. You should share the household work with her sometimes she will fell gud.


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